Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday - June 22, 2008 D-day minus two

I decided that I would try to "blog" this trip, rather than send e-mails. Hardest part appears to be making sure I can find my blog after I've set it up. I guess I will find out in a few minutes.

I finished my trial run to Los Angeles, returning home after a week on the road, on Wednesday. I left LA a little before 1:00 PM and arrived home about 8:PM. I kept it right at 55 mph and was surprised to find that all but 4 big rigs passed me by as though I was standing still. I thought they were complaining about the cost of fuel and would lower the speed..... apparently NOT.

I am going to wash Towanda today..... seems silly as the road dust will be right back, but she looks better when glistening.

I hope I can add pictures to this blog..... and will spend sometime today and tomorrow checking it out.